• Why Quality Products Matter

    Although CR Lash System uses the highest quality products in lash extensions, most pop up lash companies do not.  One of the most dangerous elements in lash extensions can be lash adhesive.  Most lash adhesives nowadays no longer contain formaldehyde, but the chemical can still build up in the adhesive if the adhesive is not properly stored or may be an older container.  Our company uses a formaldehyde free adhesive.  We stand by our products and we also have an MSDS sheet available for all chemicals.  If a company cannot show your their sheet, be weary. Lash extensions themselves should also be of high quality.  Cheap lash extensions tend to straighten out over time, feel hard or heavy on the natural lash and usually, the lash is not true to its curvature.  As a lash technician, one should be able to immediately determine the proper curvature of lash for your clients eye.  High quality lash extensions insure  a beautiful result, always.  Our newest lash extensions will be available for purchase online this week, stay tuned.   IMG_1853 IMG_1857 IMG_1929
  • Next Classes

    Hello followers!!  This is an update for our next classes that will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota starting August 16th.  Please review the class schedule for the next dates closes to your town.  Check back often, classes are added daily.  Registration for our Minnesota classes closes August 7th, so be sure to sign up before then.  You dont want to miss the opportunity to learn the latest revolutionary techniques that will help set you apart as a lash technician in the industry. Our beginner class is a must if you have not yet learned the process of lash application.  Learn from the best, and stand out from the rest!!! info@crlashsystem.com   crls class

    8b1717_937b8f3a5d1e41c6822307dc1c34e1b7.jpg_srz_461_217_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz We are delighted to be members of the National Eyelash Education and Safety Association! NEESA is a Non-Profit Trade Association. The Eyelash Extension industry has grown in popularity and demand but is regulated differently or not at all, depending on what region you are in. Through NEESA, the highest standards for the industry are established and maintained.