Lash Lacing  is a volume creating trademarked technique developed exclusively by CR Lash System.  The style is based on creating maximum volume while maintaining the integrity of the natural lash and still providing a natural look.  In our advanced class, many other techniques are taught.  Russian Volume lashing, bridging, layering, and corrective lashing are all covered. Stand out from other lash stylists by learning a technique that no other company can provide.

Our Lash Lacing ™/ Volume Advanced Class will cover:

  • Eye Anatomy
  • Sanitation
  • Multi Lashing Philosophy
  • Multi Lashing Style Mapping
  • Multi Lashing Tool Theory
  • Lash Lacing ™ Application
  • Volume Lash Application
  • Multi Lash Removal

Models will need to be provided by the student for advanced classes. Students will receive a CRLS Promo Kit specifically for multi-lash application.